Policy Goal

  • To maintain autonomy of special interest groups within the greater context of CTA


  1. If a special interest group forms up and wants to be designated a CTA special interest group (use its headed paper, etc.) it will need approval by the CTA Management team. This request needs to be submitted in the form of a brief written statement which includes a description of the aims and intentions of the proposed special interest group.
  • In order to receive that approval, the special interest group will need to demonstrate that its aims are in line with the overall interests of CTA as laid out in the description of the organisation.
  • CTA agrees to respect the autonomy of the special interest group as long as it does not conflict with CTA policies.
  • CTA requires the special interest group to run any proposed external initiatives past the CTA management team to check for conflict of interests. 

2 thoughts

  1. Do external initiatives include engaging others with enquiries of interest? I.e. If a group wanted to contact an advocacy group to see if they can support a position or initiative would these need to go by the CTA Management team first?

    I see the value in a central check to make sure we are not duplicating effort, and to share common resources so we are met as coherent group by external others.


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