The AAMC to Propose DEI Curriculum Standards: the Therapy Professions are Following the Same Path

The National Association of Scholars published an exclusive report on March 16th alerting the public to a set of draft DEI competencies produced by The Association of American Medical Colleges. It is important to track how CSJ is being inserted into medical education as the therapy professions are moving in the same direction. The beginning of the report is copied below. Read the full report here.

‘In October 2021, the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) and the American Medical Association jointly released its 54-page Advancing Health Equity: A Guide to Language, Narratives and Concepts, which received widespread criticism for its ideologically-charged language and recommendations. The guide suggested physicians update their language using “equity-focused alternatives,” trading terms such as “vulnerable” for “oppressed” and “disadvantaged” for “historically and intentionally excluded.”

The AAMC now plans to release “diversity, equity, and inclusion competencies.” The National Association of Scholars has acquired the pre-publication version of these competencies (see below). Drawing from Advancing Health Equity, these competencies encode the watchwords of identity politics as official standards, for both students and medical professors. If medical schools adopt these competencies, they will establish social justice activism, along with a controversial set of political beliefs, as de facto professional requirements for students and faculty.’

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  1. Since the medical profession has shown up so well during the Covid season they are establishing even greater credibility with this initiative.

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