Trans-Centred Sex Therapy: An Exercise in Bewilderment

The Californian Institute in Integral Studies continues to push out a stream of woke continuing education seminars for therapists. Here it has collaborated with AASECT ((American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors and Therapists) to offer therapists a means of becoming even more bewildered about contemporary Queer perspectives on sexuality than they already are. Readers will, no doubt, experience a range of responses to the statement that ‘this course is aligned with AASECT’s core knowledge areas and is approved for sex therapy certification.’ Unfortunately, clients of therapists (who have partipated in this workshop) will just be led further into an existential quagmire of deconstructed sexual practices with no way out. (See the link above and the verbatim workshop description below).

‘Sex and gender are powerful concepts that shape how we each navigate the world. For trans and non-binary folx this intersection has the potential for great pain and exploitation, but also great pleasure and exploration. This liminal space—when nourished outside of cis-sexist culture—creates opportunities to explore, build, and create new ways of being and understanding.  

Join sex therapist, trainer, and author Dr. Constantinides for a workshop on trans-centered sex therapy. This workshop provides context for sex therapy that moves away from pathologizing models, empowers and uplifts clients, and centers trans people. 

In this workshop participants explore the possibilities of trans and pleasure-centered sex therapy from narrative, relational, and social justice frameworks that uses principles for working with erotically marginalized clients. Through lecture, small group work, reflection exercises, and case examples participants dig deeply into their own sexual and gender narratives and leave with ways that these concepts can be applied in their personal lives as well as in their professional work with transgender and non-binary clients.’ 

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  1. Sounds dreadful, I wonder what they suggest for those who identify as asexual, and whether they count MAPs as trans, and whether they encourage lesbians to accept penises?

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