The Journal, Perspectives on Psychological Science, Fires its Editor for Expressing the Wrong Perspective!

Academic psychology has moved into a realm which is beyond satire now – the irony of sacking an editor for daring to invite critiques in a journal which contains ‘perspectives’ in its title. See the beginning of the article below and here is the full text published on December 5th.

‘The editor in chief of one of the world’s most prestigious psychology journals, Perspectives on Psychological Science, resigned on Tuesday after the board of directors of the journal’s publisher demanded he step aside—or be fired—for soliciting academic criticism of a black psychologist.

The editor, the prominent German psychologist Klaus Fiedler, stirred up controversy by agreeing to publish trenchant critiques of a 2020 article by Steven Roberts, a black psychologist at Stanford University, who had argued, among other things, that “color-blind leadership” promotes “structural inequality.” ‘

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