Leslie Elliott Interviews Psychotherapist Ben Harris: The Importance of Accepting Reality as it is.

“Therapy is a very powerful tool because it invites us to accept the nature of reality as it is, rather than as we’d like it to be, and to grieve the fact that reality is as imperfect as it is. And then to move forward in the face of that.” – Ben Harris. Ben Harris is a psychotherapist in private practice in London, the British Channel Islands and online. He read Philosophy, Politics and Economics at Oxford University before pursuing a career in the City of London as a corporate analyst and lawyer. An exploration of suffering and meaning in his own life later drew him into the psychotherapy field. His practice draws from psychoanalytic, Jungian and existentialist insights. He tweets sporadically @ahealertweets. He is contactable via his website at bdharris.co.uk. Ben joined me today to discuss the new book: “Cynical Therapies: Perspectives on the Antitherapeutic Nature of Critical Social Justice.” He is a contributing author.

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