Wokeness Versus the Counseling Profession

Does woke ideology in psychotherapy education damage the field of professional counseling? Therapists are being evaluated more and more on the fundamental axioms that underlay critical social justice theory instead of the traditional principles that empower counselors to effectively and respectfully treat their patients. In this week’s episode, I am joined by Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist Christine Sefein to discuss her experiences in higher education that led her to a deep questioning of critical social justice and its anti-human sentiment.

Christine is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist specializing in grief and trauma work.  She has worked most extensively with grieving adults and children in a variety of communities and settings including dual-diagnosis residential facilities, intensive outpatient treatment, homeless shelters and in private practice.  Christine has held positions such as Clinical Director of OUR HOUSE Grief Support Center, Clinical Supervisor of the Interpersonal Violence programs at California Lutheran University, and grief specialist. 

Christine Sefein is also Professor of Clinical Psychology, and most recently taught at Antioch University Los Angeles, in the Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology Program. Christine is currently co-hosting a podcast for Critical Therapy Antidote which will premiere soon, coinciding with the release of the book, Cynical Therapies: Perspectives on the AntiTherapeutic Nature of Critical Social Justice, which features an essay she authored. You can find this book in my bookshop or via this Amazon affiliate link; either way, your purchase supports the show. Thank you!

As a public speaker and formal educator, Christine dedicates her time to educating others on the harms of Critical Social Justice in the field of Psychology. You can contact Christine at csefein@christinesefeinmft.com.

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