First Published Review of Cynical Therapies

Joanna Williams, journalist and author of How Woke Won, has published a very positive review of the CTA book on Spiked, an influential UK-based independent political platform. This is a detailed and lengthy review which highlights some of the main points raised by the contributing authors. Below is an extract taken from the beginning of the piece that gives a flavour of her review. Read the whole piece titled “We Need to Kick Wokeness off the Therapist’s Couch” here.

Cynical Therapies: Perspectives on the Anti-Therapeutic Nature of Critical Social Justice, a new book edited by writer and psychotherapist Dr Val Thomas, sets out the activist turn that professional psychotherapy has taken in recent years. Over the course of 21 chapters, British and American psychotherapists and counsellors lay out the alarming changes they have noticed within their own profession. They show that therapy today is no longer a client-centred, politically neutral practice. Instead, it has come to be shaped by critical social-justice (CSJ) ideology – a way of understanding society grounded on notions of group identity and hierarchies of oppression. Contributors explore the devastating effects of this ideological capture on vulnerable patients.

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