Leslie Elliott Interviews Val Thomas Editor of Cynical Therapies

Dr Val Thomas is a UK-based psychotherapist, writer and formerly a counsellor educator. Her specialism is applications of mental imagery. She is the author of two Routledge publications: Using Mental Imagery in Counselling and Psychotherapy (2015) and Using Mental Imagery to Enhance Creative and Work-Related Processes (2019). She co-founded and currently runs Critical Therapy Antidote, an international platform for academics and therapists who are concerned with the encroachments of Critical Social Justice into the therapy professions. She is the editor of a recent anthology of essays titled Cynical Therapies: Perspectives on the Antitherapeutic Nature of Critical Social Justice. I was delighted to talk with Val, and am immensely grateful to her, as she has been a source of inspiration and hope to me through her writing and her work in developing the CTA network.

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