Cynical Therapies Authors Carole Sherwood and Ben Harris Interviewed by Andrew Doyle

Carole Sherwood and Ben Harris discuss activist therapy and the CTA book on Andrew Doyle’s Free Speech Nation weekly show on GB News. Carole’s extended discussion of her chapter on CRT on the CTA podcast can be viewed here. Ben’s extended discussion on his chapter on viewing Critical Social Justice through a psychotherapeutic lens can be viewed here.

This interview was followed by another segment where Andrew interviews Scott Nugent, a transgender man, who says he regrets his decision to transition and urges therapists to listen to critical voices such as those included in the CTA book. His interview can be viewed here.

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  1. As someone who was once lambasted by Titania Mcgrath in a theatre in Soho. It’s really cool to see Andrew Doyle get behind the book! Well done everyone involved, and I hope this leads to more opportunities, discussions and exposure.

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