Author Kirsty Miller Discusses her Chapter on Critical Social Justice from a Social Psychological Perspective

Kirsty Miller is a lecturer in Scotland, who has a PhD in social and clinical psychology. Her interest is in the psychology of groupthink and the ideological conformity within academia. She is a member of Heterodox Academy, and The Society for Open Inquiry in the Behavioural Sciences. In this episode, we discuss Kirsty’s chapter, From Helping to Hating – Critical Social Justice from a Social Psychological Perspective. We discuss how closely Critical Social Justice follows the five-step social identity model of the development of collective hate. The dangers of CSJ are highlighted as, inherent in this ideology, are notions of deep investments in group identity, perceiving the outgroup as a threat, resorting to violence, justification for such violence, and celebration of such conquest as something virtuous.

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