Zander Keig Discusses the Complex Nature of Transgenderism

Zander Keig is a clinical social worker and female-to-male transgender man. He is a Board Member for the Institute for Liberal Values, a co-founder of the LGBTQ Caregiver Centre, and he serves on the National Allieance of Caregiving Mental Health Advisory Committee as well as the Rise Regulatory Advisory Board. In this episode, we take a deep dive into Zander’s own complex history growing up, his transition at age 39 years, and his life since. We discuss his own experience with the evolution of gender ideology’s terminologies, his discomfort with being diagnosed with gender dysphoria and gender identity disorder, and the challenge some young people face with Rapid Onset Gender Dysphoria. This interview highlights the complexities and multi-faceted nature of gender dysphoria, rather than the simple picture depicted by trans activists.


  1. The misinformation spread about LBGTQ people in this podcast is outstanding. The majority of LGBTQ people in the UK do not feel or see any erasure in being gay or lesbian and welcoming trans people. The gay movement is not being destroyed as your cis heterosexual panellist professes. The views on this podcast are consistent with the alt and far right – aren’t you supposed to be taking the politics out of therapy?

  2. It appears as if you may have the wrong podcast in mind. We do not claim or discuss erasure of gay or lesbian people. There is no “cis heterosexual panelist” in this podcast, as we don’t endorse Woke lingo. Our membership are politically diverse. We follow where the evidence leads us. That means that some of our conclusions will agree with some political parties somewhere in the world

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