How Social Justice is Corrupting Community Mental Health Services – an Insider View

Leslie Elliott interviews Andrew Didway who provides a much needed insider account of what happens when a community mental health service is taken over by ideologically-possessed activists. As Andrew notes “The mental health field … isn’t mental health anymore” (30.30-31.00) which echoes the premise of our CTA book, Cynical Therapies – Critical Social Justice driven therapy is antitherapeutic. Below is the original description of the podcast interview.

This conversation with Andrew Didway offers an important look at how the Social Justice movement is impacting truly vulnerable individuals in a community mental health setting. We did have some connection issues especially near the end- but the audio is ok and please bear with us because his is an important message. Andrew is a Peer Wellness Specialist and Psilocybin Facilitator in Oregon who has worked for 6 years in community mental health. After he found healing through meditation, his life has been dedicated to supporting others in their own recovery and growth. Passionate curiosity and a deep desire for meaning drive him. He hopes to continue his quest for knowledge and growth by pursuing an education and career in Chaplaincy.

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