A Discussion about Political Correctness with Dr. Howard Schwartz, Former Student of Marcuse

Dr. Howard S. Schwartz is an emeritus professor of organizational behaviour at Oakland University. A former student of Herbert Marcuse, Howard started formulating what he observed in organisations and Western society since the 1990s in psychoanalytic terms. He is the author of several academic papers and books, including Narcissistic Process and Corporate Decay (1990), Society Against Itself: Political Correctness and Organizational Self-Destruction (2000), The Revolt of the Primitive: An Inquiry into the Roots of Political Correctness (2003) and Political Correctness and the Destruction of Social Order: Chronicling the Rise of the Pristine Self (2016).

In this episode, we discuss how Howard came to his formulation of politically correct, or Woke society, compare it to Herbert Marcuse’s own imagined utopia, multiculturalism, the anti-bullying movement and the way out of this current societal quagmire. Dr. Howard Schwartz books: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Howard-S-Sch…

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