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This is a website for all those involved with talking therapies, including academics, practitioners, trainees and clients, who are concerned by the negative impact of Critical Social Justice Theory.

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Suing over Medical Transition

The Case against Considering WPATH as a Competent, Reasonable Body of Expert Opinion Disclaimer: The following article is not intended as legal advice. Please consult a lawyer if you are directly affected by any of the issues discussed below. Medical transitioning of children and adults is one…

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The Ironic Flaw in WOKE Extremism

This piece is a follow up discussion regarding the responses to the previous post titled Psychoanalysis’ Latest Racist Blunder. The Problem of Splitting and Projective Identification in Social Movements (Vol 2; Issue 48) Those involved in major social movements like WOKE* confront a dilemma common to all…

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Psychoanalysis’ Latest Racist Blunder

The JAPA Prize for Best Article Ignites Another Firestorm American psychoanalysis once again sullied itself by awarding Don Moss (2021), author of On Having Whiteness, a prize for writing about racism. The judges, select members of the editorial board of the Journal of the American Psychoanalytic Association…

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Social Justice Therapy: A Cynical Re-branding Exercise by the Elite

Mental health training and practice has been increasingly co-opted by the corrosive hyper-partisan regime of social justice ideology. Titles of conferences, talks, and continuing education (CE) offerings reproduce a basic formula: ‘How to treat/evaluate/work with [chain of signifiers:(trans-male queer sex-workers, for instance)].’ Or ‘How to eradicate/recognize/work through…

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On the Inevitability of Racism

In today’s culture wars, where race is largely the locus of societal conflict, no one wants to broach the taboo head on out of fear that the powder keg will blow. But let us not mince words. We need to confront a most uncomfortable empirical fact most…

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