Graduates from CSJ-driven Professional Trainings Begin to Offer Continuing Education Courses. Is this a good Idea?

A webinar with the alarming title of Decolonizing Mental Health: Moving from Whitewashed Wellness to Culturally-Affirming Practices is an example of the recent proliferation of CSJ-driven continuing education trainings on offer. The description taken from the website (given below) would suggest that the activist presenters have learnt theories in college which are untethered to the reality of therapy and, regretably, have become hopelessly lost in a fog of confusion.

The presenters invite participants to attend this training with an open mind as the information presented will de-center well-known theories and practices that were built on the foundations of white supremacy, systemic racism, and oppression. The presenters will aim to aid participants in identifying their implicit biases as well as challenge and dismantle practitioner’s educational and professional experiences. This training will aim to amplify teachings, theories, and practices rooted in the knowledge passed down from Black, Indigenous, and People of Color throughout history that have paved the way for the common theories, interventions, and practices used today. This will allow space for participants to critically think about the ways in which systemic racism and white supremacy have played a foundational role in the development of educational and professional practices within the Psychology, Social Work, and Counseling fields. From this perspective, participants will be able to critically examine the ways in which implicit biases have skewed professional practices and allow practitioners to incorporate more culturally relevant and appropriate practices when working with marginalized communities.

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