We are a group of therapists who are concerned about the negative impact of Critical Social Justice Theory (aka wokeness) on contemporary society and, in particular, the implications for the practices of talking therapies. Our ethos is informed by a commitment to preserving the healing intent of counseling and psychotherapy.

This website is intended to operate as an open and heterodox forum for concerned professionals, trainees, educators, and clinical theorists in the field as well as for current and potential clients of counselors and psychotherapists. We are open to contributions in the form of essays, personal testimonies, personal opinion pieces, and alerts for our Critical Therapy Watch blog.

Associated wth this website is The Critical Therapy Antidote Network. Membership is open to anyone who shares our concerns and values. Please contact us for further information.

Let’s all work together to protect the integrity of our therapeutic professions so that we can continue to serve as agents of healing in wider society.