Critical Therapy Watch

Tracing Incursions of Wokeness into the Therapy Field.

1st October 2020

APA’s disingenuous strategy of conflating a consensus understanding of diversity with Critical Race Theory.

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5th August 2020

The American Psychological Association issues a statement that calls for ‘true systemic change in U.S. culture.’…

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30th August 2020

The American Association of Suicidology has recently posted a statement on Equity and Anti-Racism, which commits…

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28th August 2020

Another example of a professional association’s recent response in the form of an explicitlyCSJT-informed anti-racism statement.Accessed…

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26th August 2020

An example of an apolitical non-partisan professional body (UKCP) aligning itself with a political organisation. Accessed…

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11th August 2020

The following statement is an example of the provision of psychological therapies becoming CSJT-centred. It is…

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