Threat to Jordan Peterson’s Licence to Practise

Woke therapy bureaucracies have the means at their disposal to create very significant difficulties for therapists who are not ideologically compliant. Because these administrative organisations have quasi-legal and/or regulatory powers they can begin to shape professional practice criteria along ideological lines and, also, remove a therapist’s licence to practise.

The most recent example of the weaponising of regulatory powers is the recent attempt to threaten Jordan Peterson’s licence to practise. The College of Psychologists of Ontario, which oversees practising psychologists in order to protect patients from professional misconduct, has taken exception to some of Peterson’s public statements. It has ordered him to complete a mandatory social media re-education program. He is required to “review, reflect on and ameliorate [his] professionalism in public statements. Peterson has fought back by submittting a request for a judicial review. This is an important test case for the therapy professions. See full article here.

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  1. Jordan would in my opinion benefit from some counseling. Re-education means that the clients of the re-educated will not have the benefit of choice as to which personality/counselor to chose when seeking help. Both would loose out in freedoms to be and choice.

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