Introducing the New Book and the CTA Podcast

The CTA (Critical Therapy Antidote) is a growing network of mental healthcare providers from around the globe. We are concerned about the ideological capture of the talk therapies as a profession by the highly politicised, totalising worldview of Critical Social Justice. Due to this capture, decades old reliable therapeutic modalities are being undermined, and with it, the healing ethos of our profession. The CTA provides a platform, a network and now also a podcast where troubling developments in our field can be critically assessed, central values of plurality, fairness and dignity be affirmed, and support base be strengthened to uphold and develop the healing legacy of our talk therapies. Here is a brief introduction to the CTA Podcast by CTA founder and psychotherapist, Val Thomas. On the first few episodes of the CTA Podcast, we will be interviewing authors of the newly released book, Cynical Therapies – Perspectives on the Antitherapeutic Nature of Critical Social Justice.

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  1. […] I am very proud to have contributed to a seminal book which highlights the dangers of critical social justice for the therapeutic professions. The volume, which consists of contributions from professionals within the fields of counselling, psychology and therapy, is long overdue, not least due to a number of hold-ups that our editor Dr Val Thomas details here.  […]

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