An Interview with Derrick Jensen about Queer Theory

Have you ever wondered who decides for society which forms of sex are good and which forms of sex are bad? What is the founding document of Queer Theory and how does it answer this question? Imagine understanding why a queer theorist might tell you there is no such thing as responsibility and any attempt to go by the rules is oppressive. In fact it is very important to know why queer theorists say this and that refuting them almost always fails.

Derrick Jensen has authored or co-authored 28 books including his first work Listening to the land: Conversations about nature, culture and eros (Sierra Club Books 1995) and his most recent (as co-author), Bright Green Lies, How the Environmentalist Movement Has Lost Its Way and What We Can Do (2021 Monkfish Book Publishing).

Wikipedia calls him an ‘American ecophilosopher and environmentalist in the anarcho-primitive tradition’. A student of injustice and staunch opponent of oppression, Derrick is known for posing the question ‘If the destruction of the natural world isn’t making us happy, then why are we doing it?’ In recent years he has been interested in Queer Theory and its impact on contemporary culture.


Interviewer: Helen Loughrey

Producer: Ian O’Neill

Technical Director/Editor: Grant Lauzon

Bright Green Lies the movie and the book:

Derrick Jensen:


  1. This is a basically fight between the statistically normal and the institutionally dominant. But how did this stuff become institutionally dominant?

  2. Queer theory merely restates the old 1960s sexual liberation motto: “If it feels good, do it.” You don’t have to be a right-winger to see no society can survive such degeneracy.

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