Real Therapy Promotes Independence of Thought: An Example of an Anti-therapeutic Indoctrination Campaign

An event offered by the California Institute of Integral Studies public programs this Spring.

‘It is well known that mental healthcare and therapy are not systems that are readily accessible to everyone, especially those from marginalized communities. Created and maintained by white men, most traditional therapeutic practices do not address systematic oppression, ancestral trauma, LGTBQIA+ mental health and wellness, and the general mental, emotional, or physical plight of BIPOC and marginalized communities.  
Psychologist and CIIS alumni Dr. Jennifer Mullan has spent much of her career addressing these inequities and providing spaces for healing through the use of decolonizing practices like centralizing historical and intergenerational trauma, which she identifies as ancestral trauma. Dr. Mullan also founded Decolonizing Therapy, LLC, which seeks to bring mental health professionals into decolonializing therapy, asking them to reassess their education, who they are serving, and question the mental health industrial complex.  
Join educator and sexologist Bianca Laureano for a powerful conversation with Dr. Mullan exploring how we can tend to our emotional and mental health while also holding systemic oppression accountable.’

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