The following comment was published by the author of an article on the use of pronouns in therapy in Therapy Today (The BACP journal). The comment is a response to a set of letters published by the BACP reacting to the article – all highly favourable except for one putting a different point of view. The italics have been added.

‘The article was an invitation, for those able and willing, to expand their knowledge and understanding about the impact, irrespective of intent, of multiple daily micro- and macro-aggressions experienced by trans, non-binary and intersex individuals. I recognise that, as therapists, we might feel able to take an active role in helping to reduce those oppressions, as we might aim to do for (all) other areas of inequality and diversity. I am heartened to know that many readers have found the article supportive and informative, and some have pledged to increase their awareness in terms of gender identities and the disadvantages that trans, non-binary and intersex people face. Where readers experience a strong reaction to hearing about areas of social justice, oppression and inequality, it might be helpful to explore this in personal therapy and/or supervision.’

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