The Whiteness Theory in Psychoanalysis Scandal

Dr. Jon Mills discusses the recent scandal concerning Donald Moss’ (2021) paper, “On Having Whiteness,” published in the Journal of the American Psychoanalytic Association, including how racist rhetoric and identity politics is harming the reputation of the field.


  1. Moss is apparently an anti-white monster who is using the field of psychoanalysis to eradicate a people. Yet, the presenter says he has no need to be a defender of being white. Good on him for taking the first step in our defense, but the next necessary step will be more uncomfortable. The first step to recovery is acknowledging there is a problem. The problem here is projection:


  2. […] Readers are probably familiar with two recent scandals in psychoanalysis. In the first, Dr Aruna Khilanani, a psychiatrist and psychoanalyst, gave a speech at the Yale Medical college in which she fantasised about shooting white people. In the second, the prestigious Journal of the American Psychoanal;ytic Association published an article by the psychoanalyst, Dr Donald Moss, wherein he argued that ‘whiteness’ is a malignant parasitic condition. Both events prompted wide spread condemnation. It has also prompted more indepth critical examination of the way that psychoanalysis appears to be importing contested concepts from Whiteness Studies – see Professor Jon Mills talk. […]


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