The Therapist Should be Functionally Apolitical: The Ohio CSWMFT Board Stands Firm

The therapy professions are becoming politicised and therapists increasingly foreground their clients’ political beliefs and values; some of these therapists question whether they should even offer therapeutic services to people with different beliefs. Fortunately, some licensing boards retain a commitment to a traditional therapy approach where therapists offer a functional apolitical space to explore the clients’ issues. The Ohio CSWMFT Board takes the stance that while you are not obligated to treat any specific issue, denying treatment to someone due to their personal or political beliefs is a form of discrimination. The Ohio CSWMFT Board is providing much needed leadership and we hope this stance is maintained. See the screenshots of the statement below.

One comment

  1. This is important. A number of therapists have stated publicly that they will not work with Trump supporters. This has created fear in those seeking psychotherapy. Unvaccinated people are also afraid to seek mental health care from mainstream therapists whom they believe will judge or ridicule them.


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