Antioch University Whistleblower Exposes Psychological Abuse on the Psychotherapy Training Program

The student offers two personal student essays and corresponding responses by the professor as examples of how students are indoctrinated into “social justice” ideology using psychological abuse and manipulation.


  1. Thank you for sharing your story. It sounds very similar to many other stories that I have heard from students receiving antiwhiteness trainings on Psychology and Counselling training programmes. What you describe sounds like an experience of direct and indirect racial discrimination, racial harassment, and racial victimisation, targeted towards your perceived whiteness. These are all illegal forms of racism in the U.K. under Equality Act 2010. You may not be aware that acts of anti-White racism can cause symptoms of racial trauma. These can be measured with the Racial Trauma Scale, or the Race-based Traumatic Stress Symptom Scale (RBTSSS). It is wrong that White students are made to pay for these negative race-based experiences, and that they are forced into unwanted ‘white allyship’ through manipulation and threats. A better alternative to #AntiwhiteAntiracism is #RealAntiracism, which opposes all forms of racism against all racial groups, not excluding people referred to as White. #RealAntiracism treats White racism-victims with the same amount of respect and human dignity as Black racism-victims. This is something that course organisers could do to improve the course in the future.

  2. Holy Shit! I have so much to tell. Joy Turek is evil–Please let me tell my story about this sick university and what they did to me!

  3. i am a psychotherapist in bloomington, IN and am so glad that you had the courage to share your experiences with this professor. I believe you to be eminently credible and i believe you suffered mistreatment from this professor who misused her position and reacted from an unexamined bias of her own in a most inappropriate manner….gilbert marsh, M.S.W.

  4. Thanks for speaking up and sharing with us. Sorry you had such a bad experience with the professor. Good luck! 🍀👍

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