Author Dina McMillan Discusses her Chapter on Critical Race Theory in Cynical Therapies

Dina McMillan, PhD, is an American social psychologist and academic currently based in Brisbane, Australia. She specialises in domestic abuse prevention and effective bias reduction. In 2020 Dina developed a unique programme called Healing the Rift, designed to reduce racism and other types of bias without using blame-and-shame methods that may increase divisions and exacerbate intolerance. In this episode, we discuss the chapter Dina authored in the book, Cynical Therapies – Perspectives on the Antitherapeutic Nature of Critical Social Justice. Critical Race Theory is being personified as a client at a counsellor’s clinic. Dina describes the characteristics of Critical Race Theory, and the kind of character it requires to be sustained. We also discuss better, common humanity alternatives to CRT.

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