Author Ben Harris Discusses his Chapter on Viewing Critical Social Justice from a Psychotherapeutic Perspective

Ben Harris is a psychotherapist in private practice in London. He practices from an integrative perspective, gleaning from psychoanalytic, Jungian and existentialist insights. In this episode, Christine and Jaco discuss Ben’s chapter in the Cynical Therapies book. Ben makes a thorough case from analytical psychology and existential philosophy, on how Critical Social Justice promotes, rather than alleviates, psychopathology. We discuss how severely regressive psychological defences manifest and are celebrated in Critical Social Justice.

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  1. […] Carole Sherwood and Ben Harris discuss activist therapy and the CTA book on Andrew Doyle’s Free Speech Nation weekly show on GB News. Carole’s extended discussion of her chapter on CRT on the CTA podcast can be viewed here. Ben’s extended discussion on his chapter on viewing Critical Social Justice through a psychotherapeutic lens can be viewed here. […]

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