Author Val Thomas Reflects on her Chapter – the Anti-relational Nature of Critical Social Justice

Val Thomas, DPsych, is the co-founder of Critical Therapy Antidote (CTA), a platform for mental health practitioners concerned by the encroachments of Critical Social Justice in the therapy field. She is a UK-based psychotherapist, writer and formerly a counsellor educator. And she is the editor of Cynical Therapies – Perspectives on the Antitherapeutic Nature of Critical Social Justice. In this episode, Val reflects on the therapeutic relationship as the foundation for healing in psychotherapy, and how the insertion of CSJ into psychotherapy jeopardises this sacred space. This is due to the inherent non-therapeutic nature of CSJ as a radical political ideology, rather than a healing, reconciling theory. She furthermore explores ways of integrating the collective dimesion into the therapeutic relationship without resorting to the entitlement ideology of CSJ.

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