How Trans Ideology Came for Therapy

James Esses’ piece in The Spectator lays out the story of how he was expelled from his training institution (Metanoia Institute in London), for holding gender critical views and how he went on to take both his training institution and professional body (UKCP) to a tribunal. See the verbatim opening section of his essay below and click here to read the full account.

‘One afternoon in May 2021, as I was sat at my desk, an email notification from my university course appeared on my screen. ‘Termination of Contract’ was the subject line.  

I crumbled into pieces on the floor. I was fortunate to be at my mother’s house at the time and she comforted me. But the truth was that I was inconsolable. I had devoted four years of my life towards training to become a psychotherapist. I had spent tens of thousands of pounds in the process. In one email, my hard work and future aspirations had come crashing down. 

The question going round and round inside my head was: ‘Why?’

It soon became clear. The truth is that this happened to me because I hold gender critical views. I believe that biological sex is binary and immutable. I do not believe that children should be taught otherwise. Nor do I believe that children should be unequivocally affirmed down a path of potentially irreversible medical transitioning.’

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