Jaco van Zyl Discusses Woke Narcissism with Benjamin Boyce

Jaco van Zyl is a Clinical Psychologist and South African expat to Ireland. We discuss the psychology that fuels social upheaval. ⁠

Further reading: https://criticaltherapyantidote.org/2… https://twitter.com/Jaco_v_Z


  1. Two comments ….. – too good mother seems like a sort of synonym, in this context, for the often used term…” nanny state.”

    -I am unclear about process of joining or participating ( online from afar, by necessity ) group discussion or support for professionals. I am not noticing that here on the site.

  2. Been following Benjamin for some time and recently found Jaco (or did he find me?). Love that they got together for a very impressive and clarion call of a discussion. Like an incisive, breath of crisp, cool air after a fetid and stagnant late summer, Jaco’s urgent and laser sharp psychological interpretation was as compelling as Benjamin’s eager and insatiable feasting on the intellectual banquet. What a take on the woke agenda! The best I have yet heard, from someone who knows. Thank you both.

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