UK Regulator ‘Duped’ by Rogue Courses no Longer Meeting its Standards: A New Report Indicates a Scandal in the Making

A new independent report released yesterday reveals widespread discrepancies between the Health & Care Professions Council (HCPC) regulatory body’s required standards for clinical psychology training courses and the content/delivery of these courses in the UK. Data from FOI requests issued to all UK clinical training courses reveals a disturbing trend: professional practice is now becoming politicised. The curricula is being decolonised; evidence-based practice is being side-lined; and students are being encouraged to view their primary purpose as agents for social change. This move threatens the wellbeing of patients. The HCPC needs to act immediately to bring these training courses back into line or the whole profession will be brought into disrepute. Read the report here:

It should be of great concern to the HCPC regulator that clinical psychology training courses no longer provide training that fully meets its standards.  The adoption of discriminatory and unethical practices is certainly not in the best interests of patients. Clinical psychology’s scientific knowledge base and evidence-based practice are being eroded. The undermining of clinical competence and expertise has implications for the management of risk and safeguarding. Courses are in thrall to Critical Social Justice ideology and the disparity between what they are teaching and the Government regulator’s standards is in itself, a scandal.”


  1. Courageous pushback against the advancement of “psychological communism” in which individual development is handed over to activist/collectivist forces. The individual must remain the center of all helping endeavors, not political indoctrination.

  2. Such an important report. Sadly, the wrong people will read it – you’ll be preaching to the converted. Anyone ‘forced’ to read it will just brand it as ‘oppressive’. What a sad situation we’re in. My current Dclinpsy training will hopefully be accepted by HCPC, even though I don’t believe I am really being trained properly. The current climate is so harmful.

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