How Race Wars are Destroying Psychoanalysis

Prof. Jon Mills continues to critique the critical social justice ideology that is destroying the field of psychoanalysis based on identity politics. In this video he examines two major highly partisan and prejudicial studies on race and psychoanalysis that were commissioned by the Division 39 of the American Psychological Association (APA) on BIPOC members experiences and the Holmes Commission Reports sponsored by the American Psychoanalytic Association (APsaA). Numerous biases, presuppositions, and false attributions are wrongly generalized to the field of psychoanalysis based on invalid premises and compromised methodologies. Psychoanalysts are urged to dismiss these findings and defund such partisan research efforts that unnecessarily polarize members based on race relations due to minority group grievances who want to “decolonize” the field and demonize whites and Jews. A modified text of this critique is posted (also on CTA) as: “The Toxicity of Racial Politics in American Psychoanalysis: A Critique of BIPOC Experiences in Division 39 and the Holmes Commission Reports.” Unsafe Science, September 8, 2023.…

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