A few months ago, CTA posted an item about the pronouncements of the newly-appointed Edinburgh Rape Crisis CEO denouncing women who requested female-bodied counsellors as bigots. An article published in the Mail online on November 28th provides yet another example of the disastrous impact of gender ideology on the provision of therapy services to vulnerable female clients who have suffered sexual attacks.

Rape victim is forced to quit her therapy sessions because she feels threatened by a 6ft trans woman in men’s clothes who – a woke charity insists – has as much right to be there as she does

  • Mother-of-two Sarah joined a survivor’s group after seeking support over rape
  • But she quit after feeling threatened by a trans woman who joined the sessions
  • The Survivors’ Network bosses said the trans woman had every right to be there
  • The Brighton-based charity allow people to define their gender for themselve

A rape victim who thought she had found a safe all-female space to help her come to terms with the sexual violence she endured has told how she was left deeply troubled by the arrival of a biologically male trans woman ‘with no obvious female attributes’.

The mother of two joined a survivors’ group seeking support over the rape and childhood abuse that had cast a traumatic shadow over her life.

But she has told The Mail on Sunday how she felt the sanctuary and trust of the sessions were violated by the 6ft newcomer in masculine clothes.

Read the rest of the article here.

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